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pentesilea3-charter is family-owned and operated right here in conifer, CO. Since our company opened its doors in 2006, we’ve treated every customer like they were a part of our family. Other companies may offer similar services, but our services are the best, and come with a personal touch.  
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Hans and Ruth were born in Zurich, Switzerland and speak fluent German and English. Hans started sailing as a youngster, racing boats on Lake Zurich with his father. Ruth was introduced to yachting after high school and together as a team they participated in regattas all over Europe and Minnesota, USA. In the 1980’s Hans and Ruth took a sabbatical with their young children and explored the Caribbean for a year. This spoiled them for life and their minds were made up, to cruise again once the children were through college. Now they are living their dream for the last 14 years and are chartering in the Caribbean on their yacht. You are invited to join them on a very special vacation in Paradise. Hans and Ruth will show you some secret anchorages and untouched beaches. 

Hans holds a USCG 100 Ton Master captains license. He worked as an executive in the industrial automation and measurement field for a major German company in the USA for 20 years. He enjoys all water sports, especially the world of sailing and windsurfing and will be happy to introduce you to sailing or allow you to demonstrate your own skills aboard Pentesilea 3.

Ruth has a background in real estate and the fashion industry. Ruth is a total water person and loves the ocean. During her passage across the Pacific with a stop in the Galapagos, she sharpened her keen observation for sea life. Collecting seashells from all corners of the globe inspired her to design and create nautical jewelry on board. Ruth is a gourmet chef par excellence with an artistic flair for food presentation. She will introduce you to fabulous international and especially Swiss cuisine.

Captain  Hans Deller
First Mate/Chef  Ruth Deller
Julie D and family
I wanted to thank you for your recommendation of the Pentesilea 3. Well, I was thoroughly amazed. The Pentesilea was a beautiful boat and Hans and Ruth were wonderful. I felt like I was at a five star hotel and restaurant (the food was exquisite) that was there just for me. Hans and Ruth made sure that all of our whims were satisfied with kayaking, sailing, snorkeling, socializing  (let's not forget the dancing too). They not only pampered us, but they also made us feel like friends.  

John and Linda 
It was truly a magical week. Thanks for letting me sail and enjoy the experience as much as I wanted. Both of you are great hosts – always gracious and considerate and suggesting just the right activity at just the right moment.

Susan and family
This vacation was awesome. We relaxed and enjoyed the incredible places Hans and Ruth took us. Hans was always flexible on where/when we sailed, keeping our preferences top priority. You really went beyond the call of duty to cover our comfort and happiness and we really appreciated it.

David and friends
We looked forward to this vacation for a long time. We had a vision of expectations; you exceeded everything we had anticipated. It was made great by the 2 of you, apparently doing something you truly love.

Susie and friends.
Wow, what a week – one that will always be remembered. We’ve had many vacations – but by far, this one was the best. Hans and Ruth you are more than anyone could ask for. Actually, we want to be just like you. Boy, do you know all the good spots for your guests! You are truly a neat couple and so much fun. I want to take you both home with me. 

Bernie R.
Hans and Ruth are talented, experienced and kind. The world - not just sailing, could use more people like them. We have chartered before and Hans and Ruth were/are the best crew we ever had. We truly enjoyed your boat and your hospitality and the food – awesome.

Linda and friends 
It was a perfect vacation. Hans and Ruth are both excellent sailors and were very knowledgeable of the areas where we sailed. They had all the food
(including an endless supply of chocolate) and drink that we had requested. Ruth is a very talented and creative cook and it was obvious she took pride in her presentations. Both of them have a good sense of humor and they joined in on lots of our silly behavior. They took us to fabulous snorkeling spots and managed each night to find us a perfect spot to anchor. You can certainly use us a reference. Thanks again for all your help. Love, Linda

Michael Beans performer
BVI Itinerary
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